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Christ Tabernacle Apostolic Church came into being through a vision of it’s founder and pastor, Dr. James L. Harding, Sr., in October 1959. Elder Harding, along with his family, began with prayer and service in their home. With the blessings of the Lord, the group began to grow, and eventually evolved into Sunday School and preaching.


In the next couple of years, the church moved to various different locations to accommodate their growth. These locations included Pascal Avenue, a storefront on McGlynn Street, and two locations on Hanover Street. In 1972, while at 272 Hanover Street the church was Incorporated and the church experienced a great influx of souls being baptized in the name of Jesus.

After many months of prayer and hard work, Dr. Harding’s vision of a building project came to past in 1976. The church brought land at 450 So. Front Street and the brothers built a new edifice after working all day and building in the evenings and weekends.

The church continued to experience growth and in 1992 the Lord blessed the church to move to 235 Ross Avenue on the West side of Hamilton. The church that owned the building was merging with another congregation. Pastor Harding negotiated with their board and God enlarged our territory.


The late Apostolic Founders of Christ Tabernacle Apostolic Church, Dr. James L. and First Lady Pauline E. Harding both went home to be with the Lord. They faithfully labored in this ministry for 55 years. Elder J. Leonard Harding Jr. took up the torch in January of 2011. Elder J. Leonard Harding Jr. served as the Assistant Pastor under the late Dr. Harding for over 13 years.


The vision of the late Dr. & First Lady Harding came to past when the church moved to its current location on July 25, 2014. The first service was on Sunday August 3, 2014 which was Mother Pauline Harding’s Home going service.


And the vision continues.

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