We believe church is about people — people discovering relationships with Jesus and with one another. So we want to know your name and hear your story.  Since you’re visiting this page, we’re guessing you’d like to know a little about us as well. So here goes.


Worship Service

For many guests, our weekend services

are the front door to Christ Tabernacle.

Services are a great place to encounter God through heartfelt worship and biblical teaching. We want you to feel at ease, so wear whatever clothes you’re comfortable in. 

We gather to encounter God and respond to Him in worship. As we sing songs together we lift up the name of Jesus, who gave up his life and rose again to make a way for us to be in relationship with God. The words are projected on a big screen, so even if you don’t know the songs at first, you can join in if/when you feel comfortable. 

Sometimes we’ll mix in hymns that have encouraged people of faith for hundreds of years, but we’ll also sing lots of current songs that reflect new things God is doing today. The music is lively and the band includes a variety of instruments.

In each service we join ancient traditions of the church, practiced for millennia, celebrating the glory of Jesus Christ through song and prayer. We also see each gathering as a catalyst for tomorrow, providing fuel and inspiration for life in the days ahead. 

Kids& Teens

Wondering if we have a place for your children? We're glad you asked.


Grades K-6th

We strongly believe today's kids are tomorrow's leaders! We push to make KidCity less of a babysitting service and more of a ministry where your children can learn the building blocks of the Gospel, develop great relationships with other children and have a lot of fun in the process. 





Relentless is all about teens! We exists to partner with parents during the most pivotal time in their teen’s life. Relentless focuses on showing teens that “We love Him because, He first loved us.” Through spirit-lead teaching, heart felt worship and sincere relationships, we strive to decrease so God can increase.



Sometimes people can attend church and still feel disconnected. Often times they can go to church Sunday after Sunday, a part of a large crowd but never really get involved, make friends, develop their spiritual gifts or be accountable in a practical way. This can leave people wondering what is the next step for me.

If you are new to church or want to find out more about what we believe, start off with our Foundation classes.

Then take our Next Step classes to get connected and dialed into our ministry. If you would like to learn more about our new member classes, click the link below.