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Consecration Details

Week of Consecration

February 10th - 17th

In preparation for a special service on February 17, our Pastor has set this week as a week of consecration. All members are encouraged to participate. If you would like to join us, here are the details for this week of prayer and fasting:

What we are fasting:

No food or water between 8am-3pm each day

No technology (TV, Netflix, computers, social media, etc.) outside of business or work purposes, unless for bible based activities, i.e. Bible apps, watching sermons etc. for the entire week.

Fast ends after service on Sunday, February 17

What to do instead:

Pray throughout day, specifically at 8AM and 3PM

Read the book of Acts throughout the week

Why are we fasting and praying?

We are fasting from something good for something Better: God. We are fasting and praying for strength and guidance from God, while learning to trust and depend on Him more in our everyday lives.

Sunday, February 17 at 11AM

Consecration ends with a special service. Our guest speaker will be Suffragan Bishop Michael Cooper I from Greater Christ Temple in Lima, Ohio.

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