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New CARE Pastors

Praise the Lord to the Saints of the Most High!

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. Joshua 1:9

In February of last year a new concept of pastoral care was introduced and implemented due to our increased growth. The object of the program is four fold; one, for the members of our congregation to grow spiritually as well as numerically as modeled by the early church. Secondly, to retain members by promoting a small church feel built on relationships as the general body grows larger. Thirdly, to build connections so that no one feels that they were neglected and, fourthly, to socially connect with all of our members, especially during this pandemic.

After careful evaluation of this past year, I believe our pastoral care structure was a success! Perhaps the greatest benefit of the aforementioned structure was we kept the ratio of care pastors to members at a one to seventy-five ratio. I believe it is important to stay at this ratio for continued growth. In our care pastor booklet is the model of how Moses divided the children of Israel into groups in order to better serve and help Moses be more efficient and effective in his leadership role.

Due to the blessing of continued growth of the church we have superseded our aforementioned ratio. Therefore, we are blessed to be able to add two more care pastors to support and maintain what God has put us in charge over.

It is my pleasure to present, Sis Felicia Wilson, who will be the care pastor over members A-F and Brother Jonathan C. Williams who will be the care pastor over our internet saints who correspond and follow us online.

Below is our new structure:

A-F Care Pastor Sis Felicia Wilson

G-O Care Pastor Elder Ron Watkins

P-Z Care Pastor Lady Darlene Harding

Internet Care Pastor Bro Jonathan C. Williams

Those members who have a different care pastor from last year you will be contacted by your new care pastor very soon. Remember we are workers together for the building of the Body of Christ. Pray for our Care Pastors and encourage them, for they have dedicated themselves before God to serve you.

We are looking for the Lord to bring in more saints of God and for souls to be saved. I believe that we are in the mist of the largest and greatest altar call that the Master has extended to the world and we must be ready to receive them. The Door of the Ark is closing!

The Love of Christ

Pastor J. Leonard Harding Jr.

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